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Hybrid Solar Wind Turbine

Hybrid Solar-Wind Turbine

The rotating solar panel coupled with the turbine can reduce or eliminate the cut-in speed. Further, power output is cubed as wind speed doubles, and the solar hybrid add-on acts to artificially create wind. In addition, the rotation has the effect of cooling, with nearly continuous exposure to sun, and automatic cleaning of the photovoltaic cells. Again, this system produces entirely green energy.
Our inventions offer new opportunities for solar panels and wind turbine suppliers as there are multiple applications for usage in our daily life. These inventions are disruptive and game changers and a number of patents have been issued or are pending. We have several videos of these products on YouTube.
Over the last few years, we have had over 3 million unique viewing visitors to our videos and this number keeps growing.

Wind Turbine

Our Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, “VAWT” is an affordable and scalable renewable energy solution for the masses in an effort to reduce the world’s dependence on petroleum, fossil fuel products, and to help improve the environment and mankind by taking care of power needs and/or creating a source of income.
Like a kite, the VAWT can take many shapes and sizes. Once our system is installed, the power generation is nearly free for the end users. Using our patents and similar technology, a number of other products will be offered in the future including; Wheelchairs, Segway, Skateboards, Scooters, Hover Boards, and even Solar Frisbees.