Hybrid VAWT

Sun+Wind Exponential Technology in Action

We combine sun with wind in one hybrid unit.  

This allows the "wind turbine" to spin faster than the prevailing wind source.

It also spins when no wind is available.


Our Hybrid VAWT surface takes wind from any direction and converts it into power. This system works on most, if not all, wind turbines and delivers more electricity than just the wind, or just the sun.

In this system, the sun and wind are operated by separate electronic controls. The sun section under the parabolic dome has its own DC Brushless motor (500+ watts in this case). In general, the solar photovoltaics artificially inseminates the wind turbine below with rotational energy.

Wind Speed Formula

When wind speed is doubled, power output is cubed. 

Financial Projection

“A 5% increase in wind, is equal to a 20% increase in profits.” (General Electric)

3 Models

500 watts, 850 watts, & 1.2 kW

Generating substantial power output by adding larger generators is possible. Can scale up or down.

It also works well in a portable application eliminating diesel or gas generators.


Integrating HVAWT units into microgrid systems significantly increases clean electrical generation and thus maximizes storage capacity and capability.

Residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, medical, emergency applications. 

All grid types achievable.

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