The Energy Revolution

Discover the simple HVAWT system showcasing exponential technology in action

Why We Exist

The increasing cost of electricity and the effects of global warming have made the development of renewable green energy solutions a top priority for many nations, governments, global corporations, and individuals.

Thus, an unprecedented opportunity to protect our planet’s fragile environment exists for companies that can create electricity through renewable resources. Consumers and enterprises (worldwide) spend over six trillion dollars every year for their power needs.


25% of the greenhouse gases destroying our planet comes from energy consumption.

We are dedicated to developing clean energy solutions to eliminate that 25%.

Join us in getting to Zero.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to doing our part to end carbon pollution and mitigate climate change globally with solar, wind, and hybrid technology.

+ WE are a globally reaching startup with various energy-producing patents.

+ WE are passionate about moving our society towards a more sustainable and efficient future.  

+ WE have developed many products and have numerous patents related to energy production:

Our two foremost and market ready energy solutions are the SolarBike and the Hybrid Vertical Axis Solar Wind Turbine (HVAWT).

The Clean Tech

Rotating Photovoltaics


Clean. Compact. Exponential Power.

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Hybrid VAWT


Doubling wind speed equates to CUBING power output.

Go Green



Go 30mph with this clean electric bike.



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