The Original SolarBike

With our SolarBike, the future solutions lead to solar-powered vehicles from cars, to trucks, to rail, to delivery vehicles, wheelchairs, skateboards, and all moving solar on land, air, sea and space. 

Most all other solar photovoltaic applications have been stationary, but our solar cells are on mobile objects.

Thus, we call our impact the Second Solar Revolution

2019 SolarBike

The Future of Biking

The future is here. Now.


Get your hands on the first SolarBike. Only a limited number of units will be released.

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This 250w bike goes 30mph.

+ 6hr battery

+ 50 miles on a single charge

+ charges:

     + in motion

     + while pedaling



We have you covered with our Retrofit Kits below

Retrofit Kits

Retrofit your bicycle, existing e-bike or multi-wheeled setup with our easily installed Retrofit Kits.

Our Kits turn any bike into the smartest clean tech transportation on the planet.

Pedal or Throttle. 

You Choose!


(1 - 4) wheel options will be available