Rotating Photovoltaics

Exponential Technology in Action

Energy from the magnificent sun is the greatest natural renewable energy source available. The current technology continues to improve as cells optimize and applications grow and naturally opportunities for innovation always exist.

Enter Rotating Photovoltaics.

Current panel systems, when customized to a customers setup, are beneficial and are good steps in the right direction. Taking solar tech levels higher, this rotating PV technology can be combined with other clean technologies such as wind and hydropower to generate exponential clean energy output.

Rotating PV is more efficient than static cells. Cells stay cool when spinning.

This technology can be incorporated into products on land, sea, air or in space.

*Photos pictured on this site are prototypes.


Residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, military, medical and emergency applications.

All grid types achievable.

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Solar powered hoverboard? Yes, it needs to happen.

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